Group Structure

The Ukrproduct Group consists of four manufacturing divisions:

  • Cheese and butter plant in Zhytomyr

Production of processed cheese and packaged butter

  • Dairy plant in Starokonstantyniv

Production of bulk and packaged butter and spreads, skimmed milk powder

  • Dairy plant in Krasyliv

Milk collection and production of semi-processed dairy ingredients

  • Dairy plant in Letychiv

Milk collection, production of casein and semi-processed dairy ingredients

  • Kvass production Plant in Zhytomyr

The map below provides a geographical overview of the Group’s businesses. The Group’s main production facilities are located in the cities of Zhytomyr and Starokostiantyniv in the west central region of Ukraine, situated 130 km and 280 km west of Kyiv respectively. These are complemented by two more plants in Letychiv and Krasyliv.

The Group’s distribution depots are located in the seven largest cities of Ukraine. The Group’s export company is located in Starokostiantyniv while the trading and distribution activities are carried out of Zhytomyr. The Group’s headquarters are based in Kyiv.

Geographical locations of Ukrproduct Group’s businesses


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