Established in 2002, Ukrproduct Group has  one of the largest logistics and distribution networks  in the country which covers eight major cities in Ukraine. The distribution network, was founded in 1999. Since then Ukrproduct has set up its own trading subsidiaries and has been consistently expanding its reach throughout the country.

The Group started to provide logistics and supply chain management services to third-party clients in 2008, capitalising on the capacity of its own distribution-sales network as well as developing services. This business segment is consistently growing both in size and reputation, and we currently provide logistics services to a number of the top-tier, high quality Ukrainian and foreign FMCG producers whose brands complement the Group`s own product range. Our expertise and facilities in pan-Ukrainian distribution are superbly suited for clients with diverse product ranges, varied delivery terms, heightened cost-awareness and a need for a high quality service.

Below are further details on some aspects of the Group`s logistical capability and distribution network:

Coverage: The Group has an effective network of trading companies active in all the largest cities and regional centers of Ukraine, including Kyiv, Donetsk, Dnepropetrovsk, Mykolayiv, Lviv and Kharkiv. The central warehouse in Zhytomyr serves as the core facility and backbone of the entire distribution network. The flow of goods is directed and administered centrally from Zhytomyr to maximise the utilisation of capacity. At present, the Group services over 3,000 retail outlets of various formats, including hypermarkets, supermarkets and convenience stores across Ukraine. Amongst Ukrproduct Group`s trusted partners and valuable clients are Ukraine`s leading retailers `Billa`, `Ashan`, `Fourshet`, `Mega Market`, `Silpo`  and `Obzhora`.

Process: The Group controls all processes within the product delivery chain. Ukrproduct’s modern fleet of 125 vehicles  is customized to enable a rapid and cost-effective response to ever changing customer demands. The distribution facilities are suitably equipped to handle a wide variety of goods. Importantly, the distribution network allows the Group to optimise the delivery schedules of both raw materials and finished goods which enables a better control of distribution costs throughout Ukraine.

Growth: Since its inception, the Group has focused on driving profitable sales growth. One of the key factors driving Ukrproduct`s sales is the distribution network, triggered by specific customer orders in the retail chain. The quality of the distribution service depends upon the seamless interaction between the production and distribution chains. The Group achieves volume growth by pro-actively forecasting customer demands, as well as by continuously responding to changing customer needs at every point of the production-distribution process. For the Group, growth is also associated with upholding the Ukrproduct brand as a symbol of responsibility, experience, quality and trust when dealing with our partners, clients and customers.


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