Processed cheese and Processed product

The following types of processed cheeses are offered to consumers:

  • Sliced processed cheese
  • Smoked processed cheese
  • Spreadable processed cheese

Processed cheese may be consumed by itself or used as an ingredient in many dishes. Processed cheese is highly nutritious with a delicious taste.

Ukrproduct Group produces the following brands of processed cheeses:

- Premium segment. Product line includes 2 SKU of processed sausage cheese; 3SKU of spreadable processed cheese; 3SKU of sliced processed cheese;
- medium priced cheeses. The product line includes: smoked processed cheese, processed cheese in bricks and spreadable processed cheese in tubs

Processed product
Processed product produced from the combination of milk fats and vegetable oils. Similar to processed cheese  this product may be consumed separately or as an ingredient and may have various flavours.

- medium and economically priced products
- economically to medium priced products



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