‘Molendam’ is a premium brand which stands for quality and great taste.

The following top class products are produced under the ‘Molendam’ brand:

This hard cheese is produced from pasteurised cow’s milk and is characterised by a classic milky taste with subtle spicy undertones.

This hard cheese is produced from pasteurised cow’s milk. Its slightly sweet taste combined with a hint of hazelnut results in a uniquely rich bouquet.

Ingredients: The milk used for cheese production is subjected to special treatment that helps to preserve that fresh milky taste. Furthermore, special Dutch ferments add a unique quality to the cheese.


  • ‘Molendam’ cheese ripens for 45 days during which time it acquires its rich and full flavour (other brands as a rule ripen for 21 days);
  • The length of ripening affects the taste and value of the cheese;
  • During the ripening process, the cheese “breathes” - the air circulates within a cheese, humidity decreases and taste and aroma become more accentuated.
  • The surface of a cheese is coated with an edible crust. The thickness of the crust depends on the duration of ripening: 5mm crusts are used for periods over 45 days and crusts over 10mm are used for periods over 5 months.

Packaging materials: An environmentally-safe latex coating is used by all major producers of premium cheese. The coating protects cheese from moulding without inhibiting natural ripening of the cheese.




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