Our Dairyman

’Nash Molochnik’ (Our Dairyman) is the Group’s flagship brand which offers quality traditional products for the Ukrainian middle market.

Features of the ‘Nash Molochnik’ brand:

  • Classic cheese making process
  • Attractive balance of quality and price
  • Highest quality  ingredients and quality control at all stages of production
  • Distinctive flavours and tastes
  • Natural way of treating and ripening
  • The duration of the ripening period exceeds 30 days


‘Russian’ Cheese
In Russia, cheese making started during Peter the Great’s reign. The great tsar was not only a political reformer but also a culinary revolutionary. He significantly increased the diversity of cuisine available in Russia. It was Peter the Great who brought the first cheese recipe to the Russian Empire from Holland building the foundations of Russian cheese making. ‘Russian’ cheese is the most popular cheese in Ukraine. It has a light milky taste with delicate, smooth undertones.

‘Dutch’ cheese
The roots of this cheese stem from a recipe used in old Holland which gained popularity throughout Central Europe, including Ukraine. ‘Dutch’ cheese is the second most popular cheese in Ukraine. It has a rich, mature, piquant taste with slightly sour undertones.



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