Our Dairyman

Classic Processed Cheese:

Rosiyskyi (Russian) Kyyivskyi (Kyiv)  Golandskyi (Dutch)
Druzhba (Friendship) Emental (Emmental) Maazdam (Maasdam)

Flavoured Processed Cheese

Z bekonom (Bacon) Z grybamy (Mushrooms) Z krevetkamy (Shrimps)

Spreadable Processed Cheese in cups

  Yantar (Amber) Druzhba (Friendship)  Z bekonom (Bacon)
 Z grybamy (Mushroom) Z ukropom I chasnykom (Dill and garlic)  

Spreadable Processe Cheese in tubs

Druzhba (Friendship) Yantar (Amber)

with Bacon with Mushrooms


‘Our Dairyman’ has extensive experience in producing smoked cheese. The technology is based on the traditional smoking process which uses oak and cherry tree wood. ‘Our Dairyman’ offers a wide choice of products ranging from classic soft cheese to soft cheese, with natural bacon and mushroom fillers.


Smoked Processed Cheese

 Smoked Cheese with Mushrooms  Smoked Cheese with Bacon Galytskyi (Galician)

Smoked Processed Cheese

 Galytskyi (Galician) 1 kg  Galytskyi (Galician) 0.5 kg  Galytskyi (Galician) 0.35 kg


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